A Great Loss…

It was a morning, just like any other. That is until she walked into his bedroom and found her 2-year old boy dead on the floor. All she could do was pick his lifeless body up in her arms – and cry. There was nothing more she could do – other than feel the pain of losing her son at such a young age, knowing that his life on this earth was over. She knew that every day without him would be a reminder of that day…and she would spend the rest of her days missing him.

Her boy died that day – because he was strangled by a cord, utilized to operate a window blind. If this is news to you, please share it with everyone else who doesn’t know about the dangers associated with these products. On average, one child dies every other week and many, many more suffer permanent brain damage, that is, if they are fortunate enough to survive.

Unfortunately, the industry has been slow to respond with regards to these dangers and the problem still exists. Blinds of any kind are a risk to children, even the so called “cordless” ones sold today. Since the industry has been so slow to come around, I am going to try and do my part to create some change.

As founder of Intelli-shade®, I will not manufacture nor support the manufacturing of these products. As someone who has been in the industry for over 25 years, I need to take a stand and do what I can, for as long as I can, to stop this silent killer from taking the lives of our young, beautiful children. I sit here today, as I write this article, watching my 12-year old daughter go to sleep. I do it every night. I couldn’t imagine what life would be like without her.

I too know what it feels like to lose a young child. You never want to hold your baby, knowing that you will never get a chance to see your baby grow up. I did. My story was a little different, however. God didn’t design my little girl to live for long on this earth, so I could accept that. I could never imagine, however, what it must feel like for a mother to hold her lifeless child in her arms, knowing that something could have and should have been done to prevent it.

This is an issue that can be solved but we need your help. If you or anyone you know has blinds in their home, please reach out to any of the following contacts below to see what we both can do to help.

For removal of existing blinds and installation of our Intelli-shade® Child Safe™ window shades, please contact us.


For Donations to help in this cause, please visit http://parentsforwindowblindsafety.org/

To learn more the dangers of these products, please watch. 

We all need to work together to save the lives of our children, so please join us in this endeavor.


Tom Peterson

Founder, Intelli-shade®

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