Are “smart” shades really smart?

Most motorized interior shading systems today are often times referred to as “smart” in some fashion or another. The fact is, by and large, the majority of these systems are anything but smart…and the terminology is misleading to you – the consumer.

This all started when manufacturer’s began to develop smart phone apps to control motorized shades from a “smart”  phone. Once these shades or systems were capable of being controlled by a smart phone, they were then, very generously, granted the title of “smart”.

Well, I don’t know about you but it sure seems a little misleading to me. Many of these “smart” systems today are no different than they ever were. They are simply given a command via a device, i.e., a smart phone and respond to that command, if they happen to receive it, that is. The same goes for any motorized window treatment / shading system that is simply given a command by a programmable timer.

Problem is, these commands aren’t always received “wirelessly” as RF transmissions aren’t 100% reliable. So how do you know unless you are in the same room at the same time observing this? Fact is, you have no verification or visual status on your phone (or whatever interface you may be using) because these systems aren’t capable of even knowing or communicating this information to you. In other words, they just aren’t very smart.

With that said, truly “smart” or “intelligent” interior shading systems do exist today. These systems do have the ability to know what commands you are sending and will communicate to you that they were received and carried out successfully. They will also confirm the current status and/or position of the shading system for you as well. Depending on the interface that you are using, this communication will be visually displayed via icons, slide bars or other means.

For more information about truly smart or intelligent interior shading systems and window treatments, call 1-888-85INTELLI (1 triple eight 85 INTELLI).

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