Disposable Battery Powered Shades = Toxic Waste

Today, over 180 thousand tons of disposable batteries are tossed into U.S. landfills every year. This accounts for over 20% of the annual household hazardous waste that is buried in the ground beneath us. With more and more “wireless” products entering the market each and every day, this number will continue to rise, unless we do something to help.

Disposable batteries contain multiple environmental contaminants such as lead, mercury and acid. These  hazardous chemicals not only pollute our atmosphere but our groundwater supply as well…and even though the recycling of these batteries is an option today, only a very small percentage will ever be properly recycled, as the convenience to do so just doesn’t exist.

Wireless (disposable) battery powered, motorized shading systems today require anywhere from six to sixteen AA to D size  batteries per system. Most of these systems require battery replacement once every six months to a year, while some others may last as long as three years or so.

With that in mind, consider a residence that has twelve disposable battery powered shades, that of which require battery replacement once a year (with an average of 8 batteries per shade). This equates to 96 disposable batteries per year and over the lifetime of the product (let’s just say 10 years), equates to 960 disposable batteries – just from one residence alone.

By comparison, consider the benefit of a wireless, Intelli-shade interior shading system which utilizes a single, lifetime rechargeable DC power pack. This power pack can be recharged (up to 1,000 times) or simply exchanged and will never require disposal. Based on daily use, the power pack will provide1 1/2 – 2 years of use between charges. Optionally, a simple power pack exchange takes just a few minutes to do.

For more information on how you can do your part to protect our environment from hazardous disposable battery waste.

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