Having a Safer and More Secure Home with the utilization of “Home Intelligence”

Today’s technology can provide safety and security features for your home…that go far beyond what we ever imagined being possible.

Homeowner’s today are demanding more safety and security features when it comes to their home environments. Why?  Because protecting the home also includes protecting the family and loved ones that reside there…at any given time.

Just think of the possibilities that today’s intelligent home solutions can provide. Imagine you are enjoying your morning cup of coffee and the doorbell rings unexpectedly. You respond remotely to the visitor – whom you can see on your cell phone, tablet or TV. Turns out, this individual is here for a home repair you never scheduled. Seems odd right?

So…you turn them away and alert your Intelligent “Connected Home” System to perform a security verification. Immediately, your alarm system is armed,  the shades are closed and confirmed, all doors are immediately locked and your security cameras are now visible on your cell phone, tablet or TV. Very quickly, you continue on with your day uninterrupted, while having the peace of mind that you, your family and your home are secure.

This is just one example of how connected, intelligent systems working in unison can provide simple and very effective security measures for your home and family. Furthermore, you now have the peace of mind knowing that while you are away, you will be made aware of any other suspicious activity that may take place.

As another example, consider an evening at home…you are relaxing with the family and watching your favorite family TV show. Suddenly, an external motion detector senses movement in the backyard…immediately, a “discreet” security verification mode commands the alarm system to be armed, all shades are then closed and confirmed and all doors are verified as locked…while the backyard camera or cameras continue to record any possible activity.

You continue to enjoy your time with family uninterrupted and your family has no idea any of this activity ever took place. The children go to sleep peacefully and you can sleep with the peace of mind knowing that your family is safe and secure.

For more information regarding “Home Intelligence”, and the Connected Home, please call 1-888-85INTELLI (1-triple eight-85 INTELLI)

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